Full album downloads working again

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There was a problem if you recently tried to download the full album from this site. This is now be fixed. To download the full album in one zip file, click the “album” link at the top of the Music page.

Let us know what you think of the album!

4 comments to “Full album downloads working again”:

  1. Greg says:

    This is music. So real, so demonstrative. Can´t stop listing to it. :)

  2. hsc says:

    I’m absolutely taken with the creativity and talent.
    …been listening all day. :)

  3. pigshitpoet says:

    i am moved by the darkness in the lyrics of the male voice contrasted by the loving assurance in the female voice, both stereo archetypes, but powerful to convey the complete emotion and understandings behind the message in your lyrics. i find the lack of propensity very human and vulnerable, like we are all in this together, not knowing what we are going to do about it? most rappers, whom i consider more maniacal than musical, would simply profess to pop a cap in someone’s ass, just adding to the suffering. you give us a place from which to process the issue safely without imminent threat for survival. thanks for your deep creativity. i like the ghost video a lot. especially when it borders on existential..

  4. http://yahoo.com says:

    “A Pawn’s Rebellion – The Empire Wears No Clothes” was extremely compelling and enlightening! Within modern society honestly, that is really hard to accomplish. Thanks a lot, Florine